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Date: 2018-09-01 13:00:12


Kunsthalle Rostock is dedicating an extensive solo exhibition to Maix Mayer. For the exhibition, the artist has developed a new audio-visual composition, which is shown as a multi-channel projection in the basement of the museum. Access is gained through the exhibition space of the gallery, where selected works of different kind of media (performance, photography, sculpture) are presented. Here, recent and older works, formatted works, are combined and offer an osmotic exchange with the audio-visual installation. With a great poetic ease, Maix Mayer links the reference systems of human and natural science to medial experimental arrangements of the individual perception of time / space and history.  

Notationen zur Moderne, zum Paar am Strand und dem Kind des Matrosen is the third part of barosphere, a work cycle that has started in 2016, dealing with architectural modernity. The constructional heritage of eastern Modernism serves as the foundation. A structural feature of Maix Mayer’s work is the integration of local architectural “iconographic” places and non-places and their entanglement and reflection within the audio-visual narration. Kunsthalle Rostock, which opened in 1969, is a prominent example of the high-quality building culture of the modern GDR design and plays a double role in the barosphere_3. During midyear, the artist travelled to Kunsthalle Rostock und chose the white cube with its glass ceiling for a temporary intervention. This white cube is the only structural modification compared to its original condition in 1969. Back then, an open courtyard at the ground level counterbalanced the construction volume. The stage-like, retracted level was adhered by Maix Mayer with a polygonal pattern (dazzle). The graphic, which depicts a kind of map, emerged from a combination of mathematical and subjective interpretive working steps based on the research of modern GDR buildings in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany. On this pattern, several scenic performances were made, documented with two cameras, taking the old and the new “point of view” of the architecture. At the same place, they later present the double projection of the intervention and performance. Therefore, the Kunsthalle is a manyfold actor of the production of real- and medial space.

The visitors can listen to the recordings, created with binaural sound procedures, on wireless headphones. As a conceptual continuation of speakers with a local involvement, the actor Charly Hübner, who plays the role of an inspector in the German TV show Polizeiruf 110 (located in Rostock) is reading the texts. 

A stamp edition by Maix Mayer with the titel “Paar(e) am Strand” (couples at the beach) will also be published. An icon of socialistic pop culture, Walter Womacka’s image “Paar am Strand”, which also was published as a stamp in the GDR, serves as a reference frame.  

For the first time, the donation from Galerie EIGEN + ART and Maix Mayer to the Kunsthalle Rostock will be shown. It consists of 30 photographs addressing the shell construction buildings from Ulrich Müther on a wallpaper, created especially for this occasion. 


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