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Date: 2018-09-01 01:00:02

Hojat Amani

Hojat Amani is an Iranian multi-disciplinary artist working in photography, painting, and calligraphy. Hojat was raised by a traditional family, and was exposed to calligraphy from a young age. In university, he integrated the traditional aesthetics of his childhood with contemporary imagery. His work often features angels as well as religious pilgrimages. From his Angels series, Untitled shows an angel with the upside down head of a woman, who is adorned with brightly colored clothing and feathers. This work marries Amani’s incorporation of traditional stylized patterns alongside pop culture elements like Coca-Cola and snack wrappers. 

Hojat Amani (b. 1978) holds degrees from both the University of Art in Tehran, as well as the University of Isfahan. His work has been exhibited at Shirin Art gallery in Tehran, Haleh Gallery in Berg, Germany, as well as Day Art Gallery in Tehran. He has also been included in group and solo exhibitions in across Europe, Canada, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Amani has also participated in artist residencies in London and Lithuania.


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