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Date: 2018-07-07 08:13:42
Hassan Hajjaj
Maxxi National Museum | Rome, Italy


Hassan Hajjaj

Maxxi National Museum  

On the occasion of the Second Italy Africa Conference scheduled for 2018, MAXXI is dedicating a major exhibition to the African continent: the project, realised in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, will present the works of around 40 artists including Hassan, who will produce a bespoke installation of Le Salon as well as photographs from his Kesh Angels series.

Curated by Simon Njami, two-time curator of Dak’Art, Africa’s largest biennale, and Elena Motisi, this exhibition will have on view, over 100 works by 34 African artists. These works feature the ‘beauty and contradiction’ of African cities in relation to today’s world. Explored through various mediums – photography, installations, sculptures, fabrics and videos – these works recreate the chaos, richness and the multiple facets of contemporary African and global identity.

Through five chapters identified by the curators – ‘Wandering’, ‘Belonging’, ‘Recognising’, ‘Imagining’ and ‘Reconstructing’ –  the exhibition presents the complex structure of a metropolis in which the urban space is perceived as a location where diverse experiences and realities converge in traditional and modern dialogue. 

Curated by Simon Njami with Elena Motisi


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