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Date: 2018-05-30 07:00:01



The Third Line is pleased to present Fractures, Nicky Nodjoumi’s first solo exhibition at the gallery curated by Media Farzin for Bidoun. The show features Nicky’s work from the past two years, including large and small-scale oils on canvas, ink drawings, and a collection of archival source imagery and collages.

Nicky Nodjoumibis a figurative painter with an abstract sensibility. His paintings explore the emotional dynamics of contemporary politics. the brushwork is quick, loose, and expressive, though the competitions are carefully worked out well in advance. His protagonists are iften men in suits -the uniform of contemporary authority- painted against spare backgrounds.
Nicky's recent body of work focuses on breaks, ruptures,and the layering of objects and bodies.He uses found photographs to make collages that repeat the same image with small shifts in scale.
A selection of his working sketches and collages, drawn from his archive of source material, is also on view. In the final work, bodies are crisscrossed by sometimes violent slicing and fractures-vivid traces of the social violence that has caught up with them.

The theater of politics , in Nicky’s work , is often an absurd space. His juxtapositions are both disturbing (atomic cloud,bombed out landscapes) and darkely humorous (giant apes, satanic wrestling). The artist captures the spectacular hypocrisy of political rituals and gestures in a sensory rather than narrative way.

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