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Date: 2018-05-04 10:14:13
Catalina Swinburn


Catalina Swinburn

Contingency issues have always been present in Catalina Swinburn’s woek in which the following question is raised: where is the limit of the past and present. This and other questions are addressed by a body of work from hazy territories, prodigal though blurry zones, the vagueness of which leads us to the realm of the subconscious. It takes us through the borders of the here and beyond , the archaic and the contemporary , into the multiple memory “of permanence” either as myth or reality. She employes the intervention space to delve into personal and collective doubts where her own body established boundaries and bonds, claims and hopes. The atist seks to make us reflect upon the gap between body and territory and upon inhabiting passage.

FISSURES AS METHAFORS OF RESISTANCE , its an investigation and reflexion related to the archaeological pieces that were taken from their original place, and traveled to different institutions around the world to be exhibited and shown as a power emblem. Big paper works, done in collaborative workshop exercises, are made with images of ancient pieces related to specific locations, questioning identity through the reconstruction of daily practices and social interactions. Michel Foucault has argued that identity is a form of social construction which people impose on themselves and others.

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