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Date: 2018-04-24 08:29:26
MADSAKI Flowers A Pink

Takashi Murakami

MADSAKI Flowers A Pink

"MADSAKI agreed with me and began making works that involved digging deep into his inner self. He introduced me to some of his close friends, and as I got know them, I gave them the same message. My hope has been to work with these artists so that we, together as Japanese artists, might achieve forms of creative expression grounded solidly in our own situation." – Takashi Murakami, interview with VICE, (2017). 

This lot offers the complete set of Takashi Murakami's new printed edition in collaboration with MADSAKI. Having established his Superflat style in the Contemporary Art world, Murakami seeks to find a position for Japanese graffiti artists. MADSAKI is known for his spray paint version of works by masters in the history of art such as Matisse, Mondrian, de Kooning, and more. Here, The artist continues his practice and spray paints Murakami's iconic flowers in hot pink. 

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