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Date: 2018-02-12 11:00:02
Tilton Gallery
Luca Dellaverson’s Art of Undoing at Jack Tilton Speaks for a New Generation of American Artists

Luca Dellaverson

Tilton Gallery

Luca Dellaverson’s energetic, colorful, complicated show at Jack Tilton tells you why art and artists matter.

Galleries, more than anywhere else, are where artists put themselves on the line, and show new works fresh from the studio. Galleries don’t charge admission precisely for this reason.

“Exuberance is beauty,” William Blake said, and Luca Dellaverson’s show is nothing if not exuberant. This 28-year-old artist has energy, ideas, ambition, and desire, along with an admirable sense of respect of art world elders and history. His paintings abound with references to literary, artistic, and pop culture figures ranging from Robert GravesCady Noland and David Hammons to Jurassic Park references.

But in many ways the content is not the emphasis here. Rather it’s the form—what we think of as the process—that is on display in these pictures made of boiling hot epoxy resin poured into silicon molds of stretched canvasses and then backed up with colored mirrors which crack, splinter, and buckle during the curing process. The artist intervenes to help create the final look, often painting a coat of gesso on top, then sanding it away.

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