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Date: 2018-02-11 11:52:55



Dastan is pleased to announce Peybak’s exhibition “Abrakan (Appearance)” at Dastan+2. The exhibition will be open for public viewing form August 4 to 28, 2017. This is Peybak’s third solo exhibition at Dastan. Peybak’s work has been exhibited in two solo exhibitions at GP & N Vallois Gallery (Paris), a group exhibition at Domaine Vranken Pommery (Reims, France) Armory Art Fair (New York), Fiac (Paris), a curated group exhibition at Le Tripostal (Lille, France), ArtGeneve (Geneva, Switzerland), Abu Dhabi Art Fair (in the curated section), Art Dubai and Contemporary Istanbul. Additionally, Peybak’s work has been featured in one Dastan:Outside project in Sam Art and a number of their works will be shown in Dastan’s booth at Sydney Contemporary 2017 and GP & N Vallois Gallery’s booth at Drawing Now Paris 2018. Peyman Barabadi and Babak Alebrahim Dehkordi, both born in 1984, have been working together as the “unified duo” of Peybak since December 20, 2001. They start work on every piece together, working on different parts, until both declare it finished. Peybak’s “atemporal works, where the gesture’s energy competes with the stroke’s precision, where the same gets confused with the unique, chaos with order”**, are inspired by Persian poetry, mythology and miniature paintings. Coming after “Abrakan’s Room” (2015) and “Abrakan (Birth)” (2016), in the current series, the silhouette-like creatures seem to partially show themselves and come into light. Additionally, “Abrakan (Appearance)” features an elaborate installation, consisting of paintings, videos and three-dimensional works.

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