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Technology as an extension to human faculty is not a recent phenomenon. From ‘hunter gatherer’ societies to the person sat next to you on the train ‘Googling’ directions; these tools and the skills adopted to use them, have become so deeply embedded in our being that they have, in turn, become an extension of the human body.
In this post-digital, post-internet age, the rise of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is disrupting theories of technology’s role as a part of human faculty. With self-learning systems, the idea that machines have the autonomy to function independently, without human intervention, is both terrifying for some and intriguing for others. The parallel development of robotics has prompted many to consider and contemplate the potential sci-fi scenario where machine and human become hybrid as a very real possibility.
Pierre Matter’s work is no stranger to the exploration of man and machine entwined. “Like many others of my generation, I think the omnipresence of science and machines, of computers and networks, is certain. The consequent influence of this technological world upon our existence and upon that of the animal world is at the heart of my questioning, and has an important place in my work. Hybridization, the double-edged sword of genetics, nanotechnology and its applications, are all part of our common fate.” (Matter, Forbes, 2016)
Matter pushes the boundaries of hypothetical hybridisation that merges humans, animals and machine as a single entity. Using metal, wood and stone, Matter pays homage to the timeless discipline of sculpture and creates works that challenge the limits of what sculpture can be. With immaculate metal patination disguised as marble, Pierre Matter brings an ancient discipline into the 21st century and beyond.
“We live in a transitional epoch, that has made and will continue to bring in to the realms of our reality, monstrous hybrid beings akin to that from ancient mythology. Even the cows grazing on the mountains have become only milk machines”. (Matter, 2017). Opera Gallery is pleased to share with you, Pierre Matter’s remarkable exhibition of works that stretch beyond the boundaries of expectation in this awe-inspiring display of creative flair.

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