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Date: 2018-01-19 08:46:26
an exhibition of works by Naqsh collective


naqsh collective
Through creative traditional designs, and delicate hand finish, naqsh collective was founded in 2009 in Amman, Jordan, by two sisters nisreen and nermeen abudail. Where they started to exhibit unique pieces of art, and design. Reflecting the oriental feel and integrating the beauty of their rich culture: art, architecture, and heritage in a minimal modern look where it can fit perfectly in our lives today, so we can enjoy it again through its shapes, meanings, and compositions. nisreen and nermeen are inspired by both contemporary and traditional Arabic aesthetics, combined together with a high quality of local neat craftsmanship. naqsh collective has been participating to several national and international events such as Milan Design Week, Amman Design Week, Design Days Dubai, Saudi Design Week and in museums in Lebanon, Sharjah, Ramallah, Jerusalem, to name a few.
Wihdeh Collection Concept:
This collection has introduced the language of embroidery, where every group of stitches is referred to as a ‹unit›. From there comes nisreen and nermeen’s inspiration, stemming from their strong belief in the spirit of unity they created this line ‘Wihdeh’ using one motif of embroidery (a unit of embroidery pattern) to create their own modern interpretation -as a designer and an architect- to embroidery, shedding the light on the beauty of embroidery unit and bringing together the delights of their culture. Two prominent elements are present in this piece; embroidery which gives the cultural feel, and naqsh collective strokes transcending the regular forms of embroidery motifs into modern compositions. Those two elements are presented through the engraved surface enhanced with brass, to create a minimal feel added to their designer personalized dimension.
Exhibition is on view from 23rd January - 30th January
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