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Date: 2017-07-23 14:00:02
Sky attraction
Alexander Tinei, Sky attraction
Born 1967, Caushani, Moldova
Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary
Alexander Tinei (1967 Caushani, Moldova) present his new work until 15th 2017 in Paris.
Alexander Tinei is currently exhibiting at the Frissiras Museum (Greece) and at the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg (Germany). He recently exhibited at the HilgerBROTKunsthalle (Austria). He recently exhibited at Saatchi and Sotheby's Galleries (England), at Museum Rudolfinum (Czech Republic), Erika Deak Gallery (Hungary) and Ana Cristea Gallery (USA).
If you wish to have an overview of the works adt the exhibition, we invite you to click on the following links
Hors les murs
Alexander Tinei
Sky attraction
123, rue de Turenne 75003 Paris, France
Juy 8 - 15, 2017
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