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Date: 2017-04-24 00:20:01
Solo Painting Exhibition of Roya Abdousi
Hoom Art Gallery is contemporary art gallery specialize in photo realistic art in painting. It is a place find a great art quality by young artist with glorious boot.

a Pack of Cigarettes in Exile

Solo Painting Exhibition of  Roya Abdousi

May - June 2017 / Tehran / HOOM Gallery / Opening Friday May 5th




Separation is full of inadequacy and loneliness; a mute shout which has no limits for imagination and complaint. The complaint, with a long background in art and literature of Iran, gets a form of contemporary art in Roya Abdousi works. Figurative elements of

"Gol o Morq"(the flower and the bird), with a history in ancient Iranian art, are the symbols of romantic secrecy and the still life selection puts a new list of codes in front of the audience. The artist starts a special enquiry for the common sense of herself and the poet, and repeats the experience in her soul once more. The sense of the experience can be seen in all the artworks and has merged with the artist.



The mettle of the fine symbols and how to arrange them both in words and figures has merged with the artist and the poet and presents a new subject to study for the audience.


 Roya Abdousi, Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 130x90 cm



Roya Abdousi began with translation of the art document, then continue it with the academic painting technique. Her incredible talent leads her to hyperrealism. In conceptual field she selected the contemporary Persian poem inspired by romance. She is specialist in “Qolamreza Borousan” stayls. This poems contains emotional feeling with imaginable atmosphere. “Hoom Reform” is her first experience that she has participated in high standard. (Artwork) After hoomreform she was participated in Izmir to art festival in national gallery of Izmir “Keddy art gallery”. Her processes of becoming professional artist follows the best way, high quality, write place & write time. The next art orientation was New York with the best sold out in “NewArtConnection” NY. Her wideness of art researching shines through her selection subject.


 Roya Abdousi, Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 130x88 cm


Roya Abdousi, Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 120x100 cm



This exhibition will be continued up to June 1st 2017 in Tehran, Hoom Gallery.