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Date: 2015-04-15 21:10:17
(Mysterious Tenderness(100 years of solituld
My lonely voice contains many questions comes from the past to present.




 Laleh Shamsi

Born 1987

Master of Art in paining





Laleh shamsi start her professional career from 2005. Participating in group exhibition in Michigan University was very exciting for her. Besid the art work, she was becoming an art researcher through the ancient Persian mythology.  Participating in research group was a great professional experience for her. She was specialist in Shahanameh ‘s mythological aspects.  In 2010 she was established Morraba art institute for teaching art academic technique .also Hoomgallery was established in 2012 by her.(artwork)


4 international exhibition customized by Hoomgallery .in turkey, USA,Dubai. She was accepted in portrait festival (looking is not seeing) in Fonun gallery in Dubai royal foundation.


 100 hundred years of solitude started in photomontage digital area and ends by painting. The classical atmosphere of her art work leads her to create romantic harmonized soul in painting project.






 (100years of solitude)


My lonely voice contains many questions comes from the past to present. My disability becomes to be ability. 


 Abilities was barred my knowing.


No doubt forgotten by times passing.


 So I became alone although I was increasing.


100 years of solitude is the fate of human beings that first believes in magic then believes in knowledge. The outer   Gabriel Garcia marquees combine the character with the surrealistic aspect.  The art project of one hundred years of solitude wants to show the features of women in this novel. It wanted to analyze the psycalogical aspects of those women .obviously the artist will have contemporary contact with the novel.


 Remedius was a beautiful young lady who was smells good perfumes from her mouth. But that good smelling cusses the lover dead .she has a magical strength feature in the novel. So she flays at end.