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Date: 2015-04-14 21:34:34
Flouted myths
She tends to discover the relationship between them to create her special wide imagination world


Mitra Nabeghi


Bachelor of art in painting





Mitra Nabeghi is a talented artist with free technique .she began her first professional art work from lotus Academy in Tehran. And select the Papiyeh Marcher   and hand print for her major .she has participated in more than 50 art competition, shewas alsoselected in 20 festivals. She is improving her technique in the conceptual field.




Snakeis very famous and global myth. It has different interpretation in different mythical culture. Spiral snake has2opposite meaning. Life and death. Light and darkness. Goodness and badness. Guard and terminator.      

In all ancient mythical history snake recalls pregnancy. And it is the guard of feminine goddess .it is mysterious.

In mythology we can see the snake as unisex.   

The fish which is swimming has a different mythological meaning.

In addition Mitra is always interesting in biological aspect of these. She is also tends to discover the relationship between them to create her special wide imagination world .she wants to search an especial magical   relationship with these.