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Date: 2015-04-14 18:40:13
contemporary romantic atmosphere
Let every moment renew your vision


Haleh   parsazadegan


Born 1979

Master of art in painting and Illustration





 Haleh Parsa has been recognized as painter and illustrator. She creates art work in the creative photography with conceptual back ground.  She goes throughpainting and illustration. But her way of thinking is different from illustration. As an academic teacher in university, she is always keep herself upgrade to teach as well. Her way in conceptual photography is unique and elegant .the poetical contemporary sense shine through her images. (artwork)    






Je n’ai jamais rien vu de doucement beau dans ce monde, sans désirer aussitôt que toute ma tendresse le touche.


Regarde le soir comme si le jour y devait mourir ; et le matin comme si toute chose y naissait.

Que ta vision soit à chaque instant nouvelle.

Le sage est celui qui s’étonne de tout.




Look upon the evening as the death of the day; and upon the morning as the birth of all things.



For knowledge that has not been preceded by a sensation.



The Fruits of the Earth

Les Nourritures Terrestres


Translated fro, French by   DOROTHY BUSSY   1 9 4 9