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Date: 2015-04-14 18:24:26
Geometrical sympathy shins through
The project (along) continued his path trough the time.

Majid  Ahamad Abadi

 Born 1984

 Master of art in painting  





 A young talented visual artist, who fallows the contemporary path in painting. He is very picky in selected art area .also   interested in architectural elements but with different aim. His main idea is solitude of contemporary human beings. His point of view is global. He   catch a very good attraction in galley new art connection in NewYork. Obviously he passed his experimental step and work in his professional step.(artwork)






My footsteps stops and needs to think deeply.  I find two things special. I and time duration. I feel I am nothing. So the time immerses me. I stand at the end of all my doubts. And your solemnity swallowed me.

 The project (along) continued his path trough the time. It uses the perspective as the main elements. It plays a big role in these painting. At first it began in modern field then goes through the post modern’s style. The visual feature seems too elegant. There for The color has been seen in his last artwork.