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Date: 2015-04-12 15:53:22
Ancient Persian Mythical Surrealism
.The elements and Myths that i used, is free from time and place.

Afshin Baghery

Born 1987   Mashhad

Bachelor of design and graphic





Afshin Baghery is extra ordinary talented. He has everything an artist needs. Systematic art work discipline, with a skillful drawing technique. First he began with ASEMAN GALLERY in Mashhad. Then he continued with group exhibition in SEYHOON and HOOMGALLERY. He was also shins in national gallery in Izmir .he was always best seller.

He has an incredible chance in catch-up the eyes of viewer that comes from his wide imagination. In addition he passes the experimental period and began to grow in his special style.(artwork)



The eyes who look for reinterpretation of existence find his desire in surrealism. Surrealism can provide magical feature. That absorbed the artist and the viewer. The primitive human beings believe in magic then believe in religion. But human beings always love magic. Surrealism, replaced the Modern man to the traditional one.  The elements and Myths that Afshin used, is free from time and place. They fluted in his especial magical world. Connect to each other in extraordinary relationships, and made new mysteries. His magical world inspired from the ancient mythical Persian history.