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Date: 2015-12-13 16:50:55
Hoomgallery is proudly to support 5 emerging artist to educated and manage them to lead to the world of art.



Hoom Art Gallery's 



 Are you ready to shape the future?


Hoomgallery is proudly to support 5 emerging artist to educated and manage them to lead to the world of art. 

Helping the talented young emerging artist to grow and find the art presentation through the world of art.


 How to select the emerging artist 



The selection is take place through the art competition .by sending the resume and art work portfolio to Hoomgallery online telegram or what’s up application services. Then an international jury is voting each applicant. Then after the selection the final selected group is leading to the interview .after all the 




An Introduction To Hoom Art Gallery's Scholarship


The art market is changing every day. It is going to be we provide hands-on education in the creative and applied arts by offering contemporary art courses programs as well as non-degree programs. For employers, we provide an important source of Art history, Design, contemporary art and Critics of Modern and contemporary and New Media arts professionals.


Putting an education within your reach.


Through a range of competitions and other opportunities, we're offering over 50 million Rial in full and partial scholarships to new and current students in the 2016-2017 school years. Our dedicated Student Officers will help you explore all your options-including sketches, Art orientation ,Statement path -as you start on your journey toward, You can bringing your ideas to  built up your artistic life.

At The Art Institute schools, our curriculum is carefully scrutinized and developed by industry professionals and prominent employers who tell us what skills are needed in the workplace. This means that your education is relevant, practical and hands-on. In fact in all of our programs, technology and media help you to realize your vision.

In 2014, Hoomartgallery is creating art program for the beginner in professional path. So the first course is going to finish and the emerging artist is ready to promote all around the world.  They are programmed and organized to shine in art market.

How toSubscripts  Hoomgallery's scholorship 

 Hoomgalleryis pleased to recive your massage throught the  telegrame  application line or waths up .